nordo_huskamute (nordo_huskamute) wrote in furry_pilots,

Slow lately?

Hello. New here, is anyone still active in this group? It would be great to talk to other pilots. 
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I'm afraid there aren't too many people left around here...most have gone onto other places like the evil Facebook Empire, Tumblr, or just Twitter.

I'm still around, tho, altho I'm not a pilot, just an enthusiast that works in the industry ^.^
Right on, well I'd appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks!
Might try to get in touch with Jet Der Hund on Twitter. He n his BF Hunter run a panel at MFF on Furry Pilots.

There is also a group on FA for Furry pilots..not sure if that's the name or not tho.
I'm still here on occasion, though I haven't flown in over 2 years thanks to money troubles. Would love to get back into it, but it's not looking good.